Neue Mitarbeiterin bei Ventio soll IT-Systemsicherheit stärken

Neue Mitarbeiterin bei Ventio soll IT-Systemsicherheit stärken

Hello Anis, welcome! 

You joined the team a few weeks ago already. 

In order to get to know you better and understand your missions at Ventio, we invite you to answer a few questions. 

Can you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us more about your academic and professional background? 

Anis Abderrahmane, I am a student in Master 1 “Networks and telecommunications” at the University of Aix-Marseille, and I joined Ventio a few weeks ago for a two-year work-study program.

Before this training, I obtained a degree in telecommunications and network engineering in Algeria, then I followed a Master 1 “Computer systems security”. I wanted to continue my studies in France in order to put into practice the knowledge already acquired and gain skills, particularly in securing information systems and cloud computing technologies.

I’d like to continue in this field next year by enrolling in the “Network architecture and security” Master 2 program, again at Aix-Marseille University.

How did you find out about Ventio and what were the reasons that led you to apply there? 

The manager of our training shared with us the Ventio offer, adding that former students had done their work-study there and that the feedback was very positive. With his encouragement, I applied and after two interviews I was selected for the position.

Two elements particularly piqued my curiosity and my desire to join Ventio. First of all, the possibility of discovering new things. Having already done an internship focused on network administration, I really wanted to discover another facet of IT engineering and therefore work in a multiple environment (cloud, infrastructure).

The second decisive argument was the technologies used by Ventio. The company works with the most advanced technologies, which is particularly educational for a student like me.

What will your missions be? 

As an apprentice IT manager, my main mission is obviously to secure the IT system, which includes workstations but also applications developed by Ventio. There is also an administrative IT management hat.

In the coming months I will work in pairs with Noémie who is our quality manager, on the implementation of the ISO27001 standard.

Ventio is still a small company which is particularly exciting. It’s very motivating because you can directly participate in its improvement and construction. It’s a real mission on which a lot is expected of me, with the amount of stress and pressure that this can generate!

3 words to describe the Ventio corporate culture 

Innovative – Dynamic – Collaborative

Since my arrival, I have noticed that the team works with the aim of innovating and progressing. Innovation is discussed every day at Ventio! It is a very strong element of the company. Management is also very attentive to the development of skills in a caring approach, and this experience promises to be very educational for me.