Ventio – innovation in digital health

Indeed, the company has been hosted by Marseille Innovation for one year and has benefited from the support of the Regional Institute of Business Leaders (IRCE), and thus from the advice of these networks of experts on the critical issues that must be covered when developing an innovative start-up. Ventio is also a member of the Eurobiomed health technology and SCS digital technology clusters.

Ventio has developed a secure cloud platform for processing sensitive health data to distribute medical imaging innovations in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode, including the first commercial solution for quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) technology in Europe. This QSM technology, invented by the founder, patented and recently approved by the FDA in the United States, is based on advanced software processing of MRI images to obtain a very precise and three-dimensional localization of magnetic sources such as iron and myelin. This technology is particularly relevant in studies related to neurodegenerative, neuroinflammatory, neurovascular and neuro-oncology diseases.

Ventio is ready to offer its solution to pharmaceutical companies for their clinical studies involving brain MRI assessments, allowing them to have access to this innovative biomarker with high added value compared to standard imaging.

Today, Ventio is also a partner of the Neurospin center, the French leading center in brain imaging research, in the framework of the European project EOSC-Life. Together, we seek to determine the normality of iron accumulation in the brain. The company also interacts with the SATTs, as French research excellence produces many innovative imaging technologies that can enrich the offer of Ventio.

Ventio is also committed to the professional training of young professionals, with the recruitment of three talented students from excellent training programs at Aix-Marseille University. During their internship, they participated in the development of the secure Cloud solution, and each of them was able to increase their skills in the areas of protection of sensitive information in health, the cloud, cybersecurity and AI.

It is with pride and recognition that Ventio received in June 2022 the Innovation honorary loan by Marseille Innovation, because it is a testimony of the confidence granted by a jury of innovation experts.

This financial support will not only enable the commercial launch of a first viable solution in the second half of 2022, but will also certainly provide leverage for future fundraising. Shortly after the loan was granted by Marseille Innovation, Ventio obtained an innovation grant from the public investment bank (BPI) to support an R&D operation.

Ventio has the wind in its sails and is gaining speed. With the support of Marseille Innovation and IRCE, the company is staying the course and looking to the future with serenity. Ventio thanks the team and the MI and IRCE experts, in particular Badreddine, Laurence, Déborah, Geneviève, Paul, Fadila, Vincent, Stéphanie, Corinne, Philippe, Florent, Oriane, Cyril, Christian, Alexandra, and many more…